Weber 14501001 Master-Touch Grill Review

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Weber Grills have remained one of the most trusted appliances used for outdoor cooking and the amount of popularity of this brand can be judged from the fact that numbers of people associate the name Weber with great grilling and barbeque experience. Adding an extra feather to its already established glory cap, Weber launched one-touch gold kettle after the much successful silver grilling range. This gold kettle grill has a classic American grill design and consists of a well fitted lid, charcoal grid and comes in a stainless steel cooking grate instead of a plastic one as in the silver grill range of Weber. This kettle having a porcelain diameter of around 22.5 inches is promoted as an ideal companion for outdoor cooking. Whether this product stands to deliver what it promises or not, let us see in our in-depth product review.

Top features of Weber 14501001 Master-Touch

  • Porcelain bowl and lid

The kettle grill from Weber comes with a heavy-gauge porcelain enameled bowl and lid that don’t rust away even after years of using. Also, the superior material ensures top grill experience apart from maintaining attractive looks of this product.

  • Ash Catcher

This one is certainly a wonderful addition to this kettle grill as it ensures much faster and easier cleaning of the grill. The ash catcher prevents the charcoal ash from flowing around and saves time of the user by ensuring one-touch easy cleanup of the ash.

  • Hinged cooking grate

This amazing feature of the kettle grill lets one add more aroma and flavor to the grilled food without actually disturbing the grilling process. This cooking grate is designed in such a way that one can add charcoals and wood in it without actually lifting the lid or food from the kettle.

  • Thermometer

There is a smart built-in-thermometer in this kettle that automatically adjusts the grill temperature according to the food which is being grilled.

  • Tool hooks

The tool hooks on the sides of the bowl allow you to easily move the kettle even when it is hot. Thus, this feature make the Weber grill extremely mobile.


Pros and cons of Weber 14501001 Master-Touch


The Weber grill is extremely easy to assemble and clean, thus help in saving precious time and energy of its users.

The construction and design of this kettle are not just attractive to look at but also rock-solid as far as performance  is concerned.

The amazing features of built-in thermometer, cooking grate and ash catcher relieves the user of complicated  cleaning and grill adjustment tasks.


Though the entire kettle and grill look durable but the legs and wheels attached to the grill kettle appear to be weak and fragile.

Installing the lid mounted thermometer could be tricky for a few people.

Final Verdict

Weber 14501001 Master-Touch is an affordable product that fits perfectly in every individual’s pocket. The physical attributes and features of this product make it ideal for small and large family gatherings and outdoor functions. Overall, Weber Gold kettle grill is a smart and classic must-have kitchen appliance and is worth every penny you spend on it.

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