Safe River Recreation

This year, VRVNO will sponsor two workshops for Introduction to Safe River Recreation – May 13th and October 7th.  Both will be held at lower TAPCO recreation area. Learn to kayak the Verde River.  Meet with local experts and river runners and learn which boats are appropriate for the area.  You will also learn about equipment and safety procedures. We’ll practice getting in and out of a kayak, how to read river currents and use various paddle strokes to navigate river waters.  You will also learn how to avoid flips, how to self-rescue if you do, and swimming in moving water.

Join expert kayaker Dylan Anderson with South by Southwest as he leads this workshop. All river related gear will be provided including kayaks, paddles and life jackets. You may bring your own if you wish.

Cost is $25.
Bring your own lunch.
Must be 12 years old and if under 18 accompanied by an adult.


Download the flyer.