Past Events


February 25-26, 2017–This year’s guiding workshop was a success and attendees received good instruction and in-the-field training on their way to being professional guides in their respective fields of interest.  The weekend event boasted several folks already established guides in their own right – their experience and knowledge adding to the overall success of the event. The course is designed to introduce prospective or practicing guides to skills, techniques and knowledge in successful guiding – adding to their repertoire as professional guides in their field of specialty.  The Verde Valley has an abundance of guiding opportunities in many fields:  hiking, birding, tourism and nature tours.  Instructor Trisha Travis and co-leader Rita Faruki, each with their extensive experience as professional guides, made this event a real hit.  If you missed this year’s workshop, or are interested in a future guiding workshop, keep an eye on the website for this event again.

Getting to Know your Bioregion

Presentation and Talk with Dena Greenwood

March 11, 2017

This event was wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy the presentation. Here is a brief description of the event:
We are fortunate to live in one of the country’s most unique and beautiful areas. Many of us were drawn here by the mild climate, open spaces, spectacular mountain, canyon and desert landscapes, and the lure of ancient cultures. Miraculously this arid land is woven together by water; rivers, creeks and hidden springs that support a great diversity of plants, birds, animals and people. Dena Greenwood, naturalist and educator will help us understand this magnificent region we call home. The place where the great Colorado Plateau meets the Sonoran Desert. This presentation will be especially informative for new residents who want to learn about the land in which they have chosen to live.

STAR PARTY – March 12th

For March’s Full Moon we were privileged to have J.D. Maddy and members of the Verde Valley Astronomy Club guide us in an evening of observing the night sky and its constellations through a number of telescopes – observing astronomical objects such as planetscometsstars, and deep sky objects together. J.D. informed us that the best time for looking at the night sky is a few days after the new moon. Stay tuned for our next Star Party Event for next year.           Thank you to J.D. and his crew for this amazing experience.

5TH Annual Verde River Runoff

March 18th 2017 Results and Wrap Up

This year’s Runoff event was spectacular.  It was a gorgeous day and river levels were good (300).  We had a great group of paddlers – approximately 125 folks showed up.  Thank you participants for your patience in the parking/shuttle situation.  It was clearly a logistical challenge and we appreciate your cooperation before and after the race.

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2017 Race Results

2016 Race Results