Verde River Runoff 2016

2016 Verde River Runoff winners


10-mile from White Bridge

 Men’s Solo Kayak   1st Jeff Johnson      1hr45min  and  2nd Jim Delehany          1hr46min

 Women’s Solo Kayak   1st  Alyson Bottke         2hr15:03min  and  2nd JeanMarie Honey      2hr15:07min

 Tandem Canoe  1st Michael and Tony Shaw   2hr3min  and   2nd Jodie Allen and Jean Keller    2hr6min

 Standup Paddleboard    1st Mason Lacy  2hr2min  and   2nd Gary Lacy          2hr 9min  

 Men’s Inflatable Kayak    1st Wes Johnson      2hr23min

Tandem Kayak   1st Joyce Anderson and Robert Moxon    2hr21min  and 2nd Ross and Brian Teske    2hr31min

Tandem Inflatable Kayak   1st Kelly and Ricardo Valles  2hr27min and  2nd Richard and Rick Cobban     3hr6min

 Men’s Solo Canoe   1st Harry Sweet         2hr12min


5-mile from Clear Creek

Kayak   1st Theresa Rose        1hr21min

Inflatable Kayak   1st Lorene Georgionni    1hr30min

Paddleboard   1st Paulene Milner           1hr28min

    March 19th in Camp Verde


VRVNO was proud to host this 4th Annual Verde River Runoff 2016! This is a 5 & 10 Mile CANOE / KAYAK race that includes standup paddle boards.  The race was along a remote and beautiful stretch of the Verde River from White Bridge, Camp Verde to Beasley Flats in conjunction with the Camp Verde Pecan and Wine Festival.  Proceeds of the race went to benefit conservation and outdoor recreation in and on the Verde River Valley.  With multiple categories for entry, the Verde River Runoff is a great river run for a variety of experienced paddlers. VRRO is made possible through a Special Use Permit from the Prescott National Forest District.


Verde River Runoff  2016- YouTube video produced by Doug Von Gausig

Critical Eye Photography.

2016 Verde River Runoff Photos

by Doug Von Gausig


Special Thanks to Sponsors who helped make the Verde River Runoff possible