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VRVNO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides nature-based recreation, education and tourism opportunities towards stewardship of the Verde River Valley.


VRVNO Happenings


Photo provided by Vivian T. Nguyen.

Photo provided by Vivian T. Nguyen.

Its a happening! the inaugural partnership ball of the season Nov 12th at Clarkdale Memorial Clubhouse overlooking our verdant Verde River.  Check us all out at and see how you can join in the festivities!  ILOVETHEVERDE.org

What is your favorite way of enjoying the Verde? Share it with us and we will post it, share a photo and we will post that too!

What’s Going On In The Verde Valley

Verde River Valley Happenings


Join Celebrate the River Concert 2014VRVNO, Old Town Center for the Arts and our Sponsors for the 3rd ANNUAL SINGER/SONGWRITER/PERFORMANCE POETRY COMPETITION AND CONCERT.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION(S) SEPT 9TH CelebrateTheRiver-Application-2016

BRING ALONG CREATIVE INSPIRATIONS Sept 24th, and celebrate with ‘create onsite’ RESOLVE INTO NATURE & NATURE ART EXHIBITION  Verde River Day  Dead Horse Ranch State Park. See you at the lagoons!



Saturday, August 20th  10a to 11:30a  $15. per individual
Yavapai College – Clarkdale Campus- Bldg G Rm 106

To register  click here! if you need help please contact Jeri at 928-282-2202

Birds are some of the most conspicuous migratory animals in nature. For many people, the word “migration” immediately conjures the image of geese flying in a “V” formation through the sky. Yet this one example can’t encapsulate the magnitude, beauty and diversity of bird migrations. Individual species differ drastically in many aspects of migration including how far they travel, which route they choose, and their general migration strategy. Bird migration evolved as a way for birds to exploit resources that are seasonally abundant and to go elsewhere when the resources become scarce or when harsh weather arrives. Dena Greenwood, local teacher and bird expert, presents a lecture on the migration of the Verde Valley birds.

‘Celebrate the River’ Singer/Songwriter Contest!

Celebrate the River Concert 2014

Celebrate the River Concert 2014

Click here to download an application form.

The Verde River Valley Nature Organization (VRVNO), and Old Town Center for the Arts (OTCA) have put their heads together for another grand event featuring our verdant Verde River Valley, partnering with the Verde River Day Committee and Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce to bring you a kick-off event for the annual Verde River Day Festival. The 2nd Annual ‘CELEBRATE THE RIVER CONCERT’ will include a SINGER / SONGWRITERS CONTEST.  Last year OTCA and VRVNO invited our local Mayors and Verde River Valley organizations to present and enjoy the first annual ‘Celebrate the River Concert’. “It was very well attended, and many compliments received from the audience,“ stated Wendy Harford – Director of VRVNO, and William Eaton – Director of OTCA.

This year’s concert will not only feature a return of William Eaton and the professional musicians making up the annual ‘River Band’, but also include 3 finalists of this year’s ‘Celebrate the River ‘ Singer / Songwriters competition.  This competition is open to all ages and created to support outreach and stewardship of the Verde River.

The ‘CELEBRATE THE RIVER’ SINGER/SONGWRITER CONTEST is both a PERFORMANCE and SONGWRITING COMPETITION, all three finalists will be judged on performance and songwriting. Three selected finalists will perform on stage at the ‘Celebrate the River’ concert to be held Sept 25th at OTCA, as well as on stage at Verde River Day Sept 26th!  The audience of the Friday eve OTCA concert will select the Grand Finalist!

Applicants need to be aware that they have to pay all of their own travel and any stayover expenses related to the competition, and if they are selected as one of the finalists that they must be available in particular for the eve of the 25th and the day of the 26th to perform. The song submissions must  be about personal experience on or around the Verde River that will help others make a connection to the Verde River, its stories, histories and value. So not just a made up song about a river and stick ‘Verde’ in front of it.  Preference will be given to authentic lyrics created specific for this purpose.

Click here to download the application form and instructions for submitting your song(s). For more information on how to submit your song(s) please write Wendy at VRVNO.Info@gmail.com.  You may also write to VRVNO at PO Box 2224, Cottonwood AZ 86326 for an application.

Deadline for submissions will be Sept 11th. Selected performers will be notified no later than Sept 21st. and will be required to be available for sound check and performance the eve of Sept 25th and performance time TBA Sept 26th, both venues are in Cottonwood, AZ.  Finalists are responsible for your own travel and lodging.

For more information:  Old Town Center for the Arts: OldTownCenter.org. Verde River Day: VerdeRiverDay.com

Verde River Runoff 2015

The 2015 Verde River Runoff, a kayak and canoe race, starting at White Bridge near Camp Verde and ending at Beasely Flat, approximately 10 miles below Camp Verde was a good time. The event, sponsored by VRVNO in conjunction with the Town of Camp Verde is in its third year and there were 110 participants registered in 9 categories.  To see the list of all participants finishing the race and recording a race time,  Select HERE.   The first and 2nd place winners in each class received a medal and a $50.00 gift certificate to REI.

The 2015  year’s winners are:

Place Race Category Participants Race Time
1st Men’s Solo Kayak Jeff/James Johnson 1:42
2nd Men’s Solo Kayak Rob Hammerle 1:47
1st Tandem Canoe Juliane Viltone 2:02
Tandem Canoe Mathew Martz
2nd Tandem Canoe Michael Shaw 2:04
Tandem Canoe Tony Shaw
1st Men’s Solo Canoe Stephen Rutter 1:53
2nd Men’s Solo Canoe Jonathan Fuller 2:06
1st Men’s Inflatable Kayak Richard Ruth 3:11
2nd Men’s Inflatable Kayak Jon Vick 4:21
1st Women’s Inflatable Kayak Gail Pate 2:57
2nd Women’s Inflatable Kayak Brittany Kyte 2:59
1st Tandem Kayak Kyle Rafferty 1:42
Tandem Kayak Leith Eric
2nd Tandem Kayak Carri Vande Berg 2:08
Tandem Kayak Steve Buggy
1st Tandem Inflatable Kayak Holly Johnson 2:11
Tandem Inflatable Kayak Wes Johnson
2nd Tandem Inflatable Kayak Janet Fornear 2:50
Tandem Inflatable Kayak Jeffrey Fornear
1st Women’s Solo Kayak Melinda Hammerle 1:52
2nd Women’s Solo Kayak Julie Birkle 1:55
1st Women’s Solo Canoe Charmaine Galion 4:08

Our Sponsors

The efforts of VRVNO are made possible by the generous contributions of our grantors and sponsors, in support of our natural resources, our community and our mission. VRVNO would like to thank all of our benefactors for their continued support and we encourage our community to support them in kind.

Cottonwood Chamber of Commerce
National Park Service
American Rivers
City of Cottonwood, Arizona
Arizona State Parks
American Canoe Association

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