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VRVNO 2017 Events

e7ade5cc06fc40c88bdb7687de235e66Full Moon Hikes

Have you ever wanted to hike the desert under the magical glow of the full moon? This is your chance to enjoy the peace, serenity and mystery of this elusive environment and experience what the animals that live in the area see at night.  Join VRVNO Board members for a full moon hike and see firsthand the magic the night offers.  In addition to watching the moon and the changing night sky, we will watch for wildlife and share facts about the area, history, geology and what the Verde River Valley Nature Organization is all about.  Full moon hikes are offered September through May.  Times and registration will be announced prior to each month’s event.   Full moon hikes are offered September through May weather permitting.  The next Full Moon Hike is Feb 10th.  The cost is $5 and is free to VRVNO members.

Interpretive Guiding
February 25-26, 2017
This workshop is an educational and adventurous opportunity for guides and interested people to spruce up their guiding skills and will focus on developing knowledge and skills about the principles of interpretation, communication methods, understanding your audience, techniques of guiding and preparing a presentation.  The course is designed to introduce prospective guides or those in the nature-based tourism industry to skills needed to successfully engage and interpret for visitors.  You will use tangible experiences to practice basic principles of interpretation, making your programs enjoyable, relevant, and organized.  Upon completion, you will have a basic foundation in the practical skills of quality interpretive programming.  The workshop is a strong base for those pursuing a career as a professional guide. The 2-day workshop includes a 6-hr classroom seminar and a half day of in-field practicum guiding under the direction of a professional guide Trisha Travis.  Anyone age 16 or over who desires to increase their ability to communicate and interpret for others will benefit from this class.

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screen-shot-2016-11-19-at-9-42-03-am-260x300Verde River Runoff

The 5th Annual Verde River Runoff is coming up March 18, 2017.  This popular event is a 10 and 5-mile canoe, kayak and paddle board race and fun float which starts at White Bridge and Clear Creek , Camp Verde, Arizona, and ends at Beasley Flats.  Early-bird registration for VRVNO members click here begins in late January.



pc-vbnf-front-7-20-16-1-200x300Birding & Nature Festival

Migration Madness – April 27-30, 2017

Migration magic is experienced throughout the avian world leaving us marveling at the stamina, path-finding ability, and tenacity of these mad creatures.  One of the most amazing is the Rufous Hummingbird.  Measured by body size, the rufous makes one of the longest migratory journeys of any bird in the world.  Traveling clockwise up the Pacific Coast in winter/spring, to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska heading south again in July following the Rocky Mountains.  His excellent memory for location helps it find flowers and feeders from day to day and year to year.  This feisty little bird will chase away all comers to his perceived territory.  No wonder we’re taken with his talents.  Join us this year as we celebrate all migrations including birders who travel the country in search of feathered migrants.  Visit http://www.birdyverde.org/ for details on the festival.  Early Bird Registration is the end of January and comes with your VRVNO Membership.

In-person registration for the Verde Valley Birding and Nature Festival will take place from 9-12am on January 31st and February 3rd in store at Jay’s Bird Barn in Sedona located at 2360 Arizona 89A in the Safeway shopping center. Only VRVNO members may register early on Jan 31st. Contact registrar@vrvno.org. See birdyverde.org for event details.

Register here starting February 1, 2017